5 Free Ways to Promote Your Business Online

Many small businesses face the same issues: limited funds, not enough time to manage everything, and learning how to effectively market their product. Even if startup cash isn’t an issue, who wants to blow tons of money on traditional advertising? Prior to the development of the internet, small business owners were left with expensive marketing strategies. In today’s world, there are all kinds of free opportunities for advertising your business online, you just need to know where to look.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 free ways to market your business online.


1. Utilize Local Listings

Google My Business, Yelp and other online business search tools are completely free and offer a spot for your company listing. Register your business and make sure that old listings are claimed by your company. Also make sure that all company information is up-to-date and matches with other listings on the internet. Is your company name shortened in some instances, but spelled out in others? Make sure all of your listings match to help drive more traffic to your site.

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2. Create original videos for YouTube

Have you seen the video of the Greenville Dentist that dances to Drake? 17 million views in the first day, not to mention the tons of press that followed. Maybe your post won’t get quite as much attention as this video, but maybe it will. Be original. Think about what unique qualities your company has to offer and showcase them.

3. Keep Up with Current Social Media Trends

So you’ve got Facebook and Twitter, but what about Instagram? Got that too? How about Snapchat? How frequently are you posting on each platform; and more importantly, how frequently should you post? Social media is a fluid art which is constantly changing. Are you using Instagram stories to promote your business? Are you properly using hashtags to engage the right audiences? Ask yourself these questions and make sure to keep up with what is new in social media. rawpixel

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4. Add a blog to your website



One of the most important things a small business owner can do to promote their website is start a blog and post regularly, with emphasis on the regularly. Monthly posts are necessary; weekly posts encouraged. Why? Search engines recognize that pages with more frequent posts are more active, therefore giving them higher search engine rankings. So get blogging! Find topics that relate to your company and write about them. Make sure that your blog posts include 300 words or more and include some photos for the best results.

5. Learn about SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a term that comes up frequently in the marketing world. There are simple steps that can be taken to make sure that your site is communicating well with search engines. Simple tasks such as using key words can help your search engine results. Who knew?


These are just a few tips to help get your company’s name out there. All too much? Contact us at McDaniel PR to see how we can help.

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