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To many Americans, the holidays represent love, generosity and family, but to businesses and marketers the season is about sales and standing out from the competition. Marketers spend hours trying to understand how these festive feelings translate to consumer buying decisions. During the holidays, customers are in a buying mood and every brand needs to find a way to cut through the noise. We have compiled a list of three ways that business can stand out during the holidays.

1. Appeal to the Happiness of the Holidays


The holidays are a happy time of year. During all of the holiday parades, family get-togethers, musical events and other festivities of the season, people report feelings of joy and nostalgia more so than any other time of year. How does that translate to businesses? When customers are happy, they spend more. Marketing campaigns the work to elicit those feelings of joy are the most successful during this time of year.

2. Anticipation is Everything

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From the tightly-wrapped gifts underneath the tree to the age-old Advent calendar, anticipation is the cornerstone of the holiday season. Associating your brand with a marketing campaign that builds anticipation creates buzz. Take Google’s Santa Tracker, which tracks Santa’s progress around the globe, while creating a ton of traffic and buzz for Google’s brand. Make your brand that source of anticipation by building up to a holiday related announcement, offering discounts on mystery products or giving customers a surprise present, your brand will create excitement about the unknown.

3. The Countdown Eventually Ends

christmas countdown

Like it or not, the holidays must come to an end. Creating a marketing campaign that recognizes that can give customers the drive they need to follow-through. A countdown to the end of Christmas shopping placed on the homepage of your business’s site or a sale that only lasts through December creates urgency to buy. By showing the number of days, minutes or seconds before a campaign ends, it encourages a call to action. Customers don’t want to miss the opportunity for a holiday only deal.

No matter what your plan for holiday marketing, staying at the top of customer’s minds is the #1 goal of retailers. Understand the emotions of customers during this busy time of year can help you get there. Apply these three principles to help you create a marketing campaign that will get you through the holidays.




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