Social Media in 2019

Staying ahead in the social media marketing game is an ongoing challenge that many business owners find overwhelming. However, it is imperative to make the most of online platforms in today’s digital world by keeping your business immersed in the latest social media marketing trends. Socialbakers recently conducted a comprehensive study of social media trends from 2017 to 2018 and takes a deep exploratory dive into 2019’s hottest social media trends.

An overview of key findings:

  • Facebook vs. Instagram: When comparing ad spend distribution by social media platform from 2017 to 2018 between the two main Facebook-owned services, Instagram ads increased in 2018, while the percentage of overall ad spend on Facebook decreased. Overall brands are shifting their investments between the services. The data found that while Instagram has a smaller total audience compared to Facebook, Instagram users are far more engaged than Facebook users. Instagram is becoming increasingly powerful as a platform for capturing quality engagement within small, targeted communities.
  • Videos vs. Photos: Photos are the most heavily promoted type of content compared to any other format. However, video promotion soared in 2018 and converged with photos in September, indicating that the popularity of this type of medium is on the rise.
  • Instagram Ads: In 2018, Instagram ad campaigns rose, reaching their highest adoption rate in June. Though it has tapered off, as Instagram audiences continue to grow, so will marketers’ advertising investments.
  • Facebook Mobile vs. Desktop: Facebook usage on mobile is overwhelmingly dominant, as mobile users consume more ads than desktop users.

According to Marketing Technology Insights:

“2019 will see businesses branding around social causes and catering to people’s emotional drivers. Gone are the days when brands could only sell on the basis of product value. Today’s enterprises need a social purpose along with the important responsibility of developing products and services that are actually useful.”

Whatever 2019 is to bring, one thing is certain: Marketing is becoming increasingly complex, so it’s practical for marketers and business owners to keep their eyes on emerging technologies, methods and patterns.

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