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Short, Vertical & Silent: Video Content Marketing in 2019

Many business owners tremble at the thought of video production, but video is a necessary component in most content marketing strategies. By 2021, 82% of consumer internet traffic will be video, according to a recent Cisco study. Furthermore, YouTube has turned into the second biggest search engine in the world.

Here are some more video stats to convince you about the power video holds on the web:

A large number of small businesses are taking advantage of video content marketing to stand out from the competition in order to achieve their goals. Why video? Because it works. And it will keep working. But keeping up with the latest trends is critical.

Here are three tips for staying on top of today’s video content marketing:

1. Keep It Short

Here’s a tip for content creators who want to cash in on the video marketing revolution: Keep them short. Video on social platforms work best when they run between 30 seconds and two minutes. Short videos suit our busy lives, brief attention spans and the need to consume content easily and quickly. Because fans are consuming content via their mobile devices while they’re on the go, the shorter the content is, the better.

2. Vertical Horizons

When they first started to come out, vertical videos were frowned upon due to the inconvenience of their reduced sized when compared to wide screens. However, along with the popularization of smartphones, vertical videos have become more and more popular to the point that they now outperform horizontal ones in any way possible. Research shows that people access social media on mobile the most, and it’s only natural that they do it vertically.

3. Silent Film is Back

As much as 85 percent of video views happen with the sound off, according to multiple publishers. Most users’ news feeds are now inundated with short videos that feature text or captions narrating what’s being shown on screen. While most of these videos feature narration or some form of background music, the intent is to make it easy for people to consume the information presented in the videos without needing to turn the sound on.

Following the new rules enables you to practice video marketing with a more holistic approach that is more likely to achieve your business and your audience’s goals. So give video a try with these three things on mind: short, vertical and silent.

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