5 Tips for Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

No business has an unlimited marketing budget. By the time everyday operational costs are covered, there might not seem like there’s much left to invest in building up your business. However, marketing to potential clients can be one of the most important ways to ensure your company’s growth. Luckily for companies on a tight budget, it’s possible to bring in new business with limited resources.

Maintaining a consistent image is imperative in taking care of current customers, as well as developing new ones. We’ve compiled a list of a few ways to improve your marketing strategies for virtually no investment.

1. Promote online reviews and respond to them, whether good or bad

Encouraging customers to write online reviews through social media is a great way to generate free publicity. Whenever a new review of your business comes in, share it across all of your social media accounts. Responding to these reviews is also part of the deal – whether good or bad, customers will appreciate you taking the time to thank them or apologise for a poor experience. If a review is less than favourable, suggesting how you’ll make improvements for the future goes a long way. Remember that you should ALWAYS respond to online reviews, no matter what!

2. Be responsive

Research has shown that the vast majority of people expect a reply to social media messages within twenty-four hours. Become a regular presence on your social media platforms, joining in conversations and debates and responding to queries as quickly as you can.

3. Enter competitions and ask for votes

If customers have enjoyed a good experience, they’ll have no problem with becoming evangelists for your brand. Asking people to nominate you for awards and vote for you in competitions is a great way of engaging on social media, and it’s completely free! Hang up posters in your place of business and share posts on social media highlighting that you need votes to win!

4. Let your customers do the hard work

If your social media followers are creating content for you, share it! Comments, great reviews, and images taken at your business are all fantastic to share between different social media sites and cost virtually nothing in time, money and effort.

5. Invest where it counts

Investing in a professional photographer is a fantastic way to showcase your range of service offerings.  Pay per click advertising, on the other hand, may not work well for your business. Think carefully where you invest your social media budget. The obvious choice may not be right for everyone.

At McDaniel PR, we can help you manage your online reputation, even if you have a shoestring budget. Schedule a consultation with us today to get started.

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