Giving Back: Buddys4Kids

We are excited to announce our partnership with Buddys4Kids, an Albany, Oregon-based organization that brings specially-made dolls to children with special situations. Founder Treneé Zweigle, a registered nurse of over 25 years, created the organization because she had nursed so many children in the worst of situations, many in children’s units and children’s oncology units. Many of the children wanted their nurses to stay with them all the time and it became hard for the nurses to tell the children they must leave to tend to other patients. So Treneé created Hospital Buddy™ and Chemo Buddy™ dolls for the kids. She tells the children their dolls have lots of hugs and kisses for them, and that she would be back shortly. The dolls began bringing comfort and joy to the children. Soon, other nurses began cheerfully joining in to help, taking the funds to make them of their own pockets.

Chemo Buddy Hospital Buddy

Each doll is hand made by loving nurses in Oregon. The children are allowed to take the dolls with them for casting, x-rays, chemotherapy and other procedures which helps with communication between the child, providers, and families. Bussys4Kids has been featured on Fox News, MSNBC and ABC. Since debuting the first dolls, Treneé created the Sleepy Sandman™ doll for babies and smaller children and Dental Buddy™ which were widely accepted instantly and in great demand, just as the Hospital Buddy™ and Therapy Buddy™ dolls. Most recently added is the Military Buddy™, a doll for children of deployed military parents. They are now available nationwide.

We couldn’t be more excited to support the Buddys4Kids program. Learn more at Buddys4Kids.

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