McDaniel PR Owner Featured as one of the “2019 Women in Business”

Repost from The Homewood Star. See original article here

Mandy Williams of McDaniel PR realized the power of words very early in her career. After managing social media marketing for a small business during graduate school, she decided to pursue a career helping small businesses harness that power.

In 2015, Williams opened McDaniel PR with a mission of helping small business owners “create company images that leave a lasting impact on the public.”

Williams combines theoretical communications knowledge gained during her graduate program with a wealth of practical experience picked up over the years. Her first position in communications at Alabama Ballet gave her real-world experience she has continued to build upon.

Her passion for facilitating small business growth has set her apart from many of her competitors. It has driven her to gain a deep knowledge of the communications industry in order to serve clients with a smaller marketing budget than big brands and mid-size companies.

“Working for a non-profit to begin my career was the best training. We had a very limited marketing budget and I had to learn how to stretch marketing dollars, make the most with what we had and wear several hats while doing so. I still brag to current clients about my graceful arm-twisting abilities when it comes to ad spends.”

McDaniel PR offers a full range of services including traditional PR, social media marketing, website design, SEO and email marketing.

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