McDaniel PR Owner Featured as one of the “2019 Women in Business”

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Mandy Williams of McDaniel PR realized the power of words very early in her career. After managing social media marketing for a small business during graduate school, she decided to pursue a career helping small businesses harness that power.

In 2015, Williams opened McDaniel PR with a mission of helping small business owners “create company images that leave a lasting impact on the public.” Continue reading “McDaniel PR Owner Featured as one of the “2019 Women in Business””

Giving Back: Buddys4Kids

We are excited to announce our partnership with Buddys4Kids, an Albany, Oregon-based organization that brings specially-made dolls to children with special situations. Founder Treneé Zweigle, a registered nurse of over 25 years, created the organization because she had nursed so many children in the worst of situations, many in children’s units and children’s oncology units. Continue reading “Giving Back: Buddys4Kids”