McDaniel PR Owner Featured as one of the “2019 Women in Business”

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Mandy Williams of McDaniel PR realized the power of words very early in her career. After managing social media marketing for a small business during graduate school, she decided to pursue a career helping small businesses harness that power.

In 2015, Williams opened McDaniel PR with a mission of helping small business owners “create company images that leave a lasting impact on the public.” Continue reading “McDaniel PR Owner Featured as one of the “2019 Women in Business””

5 Tips for Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

No business has an unlimited marketing budget. By the time everyday operational costs are covered, there might not seem like there’s much left to invest in building up your business. However, marketing to potential clients can be one of the most important ways to ensure your company’s growth. Luckily for companies on a tight budget, it’s possible to bring in new business with limited resources.

Maintaining a consistent image is imperative in taking care of current customers, as well as developing new ones. We’ve compiled a list of a few ways to improve your marketing strategies for virtually no investment.

1. Promote online reviews and respond to them, whether good or bad

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3 Tips for Holiday Marketing | McDaniel PR

To many Americans, the holidays represent love, generosity and family, but to businesses and marketers the season is about sales and standing out from the competition. Marketers spend hours trying to understand how these festive feelings translate to consumer buying decisions. During the holidays, customers are in a buying mood and every brand needs to find a way to cut through the noise. We have compiled a list of three ways that business can stand out during the holidays.

1. Appeal to the Happiness of the Holidays

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5 Free Ways to Promote Your Business Online

Many small businesses face the same issues: limited funds, not enough time to manage everything, and learning how to effectively market their product. Even if startup cash isn’t an issue, who wants to blow tons of money on traditional advertising? Prior to the development of the internet, small business owners were left with expensive marketing strategies. In today’s world, there are all kinds of free opportunities for advertising your business online, you just need to know where to look.

We’ve compiled a list of 5 free ways to market your business online. Continue reading “5 Free Ways to Promote Your Business Online”